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Dr. Walker using a microscope

Check Up

We require that every pet has a physical examination before any treatments will be administered. A thorough check up includes taking temperature and weight; examining the eyes, ears and skin; listening to the heart and lungs; and checking for dental disease. Further diagnostics, such as fecal checks, heartworm tests and other laboratory testings are also performed as needed.


Dr. Dan Walker has performed many orthopedic, abdominal and thoracic surgeries during his 35 years of practice. He performs spay, neuter, cosmetic ear cropping, hip and knee surgeries. He has also performed soft tissue abdominal and thoracic procedures, exploratory surgery and biopsy of tissues. Our caring and highly-trained staff uses every precaution to ensure your pet's safety. We do extensive monitoring during surgery of your pet. We monitor blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiration and EKG during surgery. We place IV, catheters and give fluids to all surgical cases.


We utilize routine in-house lab work, cytology and fine needle aspirations to assist in diagnosing your pet. We also use a professional laboratory for more complete diagnostic testing. We perform routine fecal exams and heartworm testing on all patients. We also perform feline leukemia and FIV on all felines.


We perform routine and geriatric dental prophylaxis for your pets. Anesthesia is required for this procedure. Dental disease is a serious disease that can lead to infections and even death if prolonged. We recommend that you brush your pet's teeth, as this will help keep bacteria from forming on teeth. It only takes 24 hours for calculi to harden. We also perform dental radiographs when necessary.


Lakeside Veterinary Clinic is available for boarding your animal. Pets are walked three times daily and fed by our staff. We provide kennels with rugs, blankets, water and nutritional food. We can also provide outdoor runs when the weather permits. Owners are welcome to bring personal bedding, toys and food, if a special diet is required. Medications are administered as prescribed by our technicians. We require that your pet be current on all vaccinations and free of external parasites.

Preventative Medicine

To prevent heartworm infestations, we recommend you give your pet heartworm medication monthly and external parasite prevention when needed.


We perform routine and dental radiology in addition to ultrasound evaluations.


Grooming is available for all breeds, including felines. Grooming is available by appointment only.